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Geo Coordinates: 40°24'47.2"N 22°36'30.1"E

Life has some particularly nice moments. Imagine having breakfast on a terrace and perceiving the top of Olympos in the distance. After breakfast, you go to the shore that is shining like silver.

Makrygialos enchants the visitors with its individual atmosphere and its incomparable Greek lifestyle, which has an excellent effect on the guests. Those who have visited this place with its rare atmosphere are all familiar with it since they have experienced it and long to come back.

At Makrygialos there is something special therefore holidaymakers love to return and bring their friends, family, and acquaintances with them. If the place changed, it would lose its identity.

The rippling and sparkling sea or the merely caressing sunshine glittering in thousands of colors, the marvelous natural and cultural beauties, and the culinary delights... yes, this is Makrygialos, one of the pearls of the popular Greek Olympos Riviera. It is located in the north of Greece, 40 kilometers south of Thessaloniki, on the coast of the Aegean Sea.

Makrygialos is a curiosity on the imaginary stage of traveling, a real 'earthly paradise' situated in the country of surprises and opposites where you can witness the true Greek atmosphere since the Greeks themselves live here all around the year. According to the locals' philosophy: „ Do not let your past hinder you from becoming whatever you want to be but let it be a part of it."

The name Makrygialos means long coast, whose characteristic harbor photographed frequently is divided by yellowish sandstone rocks. Visitors are attracted by the clean air, the picturesque green nature, and the gradually deepening seaside free from the usual crowdedness. Its long and nice sandy beaches free of charge are equipped with parasols, beach chairs, showers, and changing rooms.

Lying on the beach you can enjoy relaxing in another dimension where you return totally refreshed. Besides the sandy beach, you can come across a rocky harbor or pebbly shore, too.

The village has kept its truly typical fishing character. The tiny colorful boats rock along the shore. The baker and the greengrocer greet you in a friendly way in a couple of days and prepare the ice cold frappé. You can make close friends with the locals, who are open-hearted, friendly, and unselfish people. Their kindness and hospitality make those who have already been on holiday here come back to this spot so close to nature. Several exemplary characteristics and a positive attitude that reinforces the joy of life characterize and make the locals of this lovely place complete.

Another bright spot is the weekly market taking place on Fridays, which is most popular with tourists.

Walking along the coast, you can visit the glorious Pydna situated in colorful surroundings and ruins which give us a unique glimpse of the past. As a Byzantine memento some excavated wall remains to stand on the cliff. The once honorable town was the only port of Macedonia until Thessaloniki was founded. It had an outstanding significance; this territory was the scene where the last Roman and Macedon battle took place, at the end of which Greece yielded to the Romans for good in 168 B.C..

There is a different harbor for each day. Night clubs are also located on the seaside promenade. While listening to the sounds of the bouzouki, in the evenings you can enjoy the scents and flavors of a night at Makrygialos.

The seaside taverns and restaurants with a panoramic views tempt you with their good smells, healthy and tasty Greek specialties, fresh fish, and seafood. Beyond entertainment and optional excursions full of cultural experiences, you can participate in interesting free time activities and take a cosmetic, regenerating, and vitalizing sea wellness sand bath. Song recitals and quizzes await the guests so that they will return from Makrygialos with lots of lifelong experiences.

Useful tips!

Near Makrygialos you can come across a real touristic curiosity: a natural sea salt distiller. In nearly untouched surroundings the immune system strengthens, the muscles become loose, and the nervous system calms down. The local sea mud affects positively cell functions. Following the relaxing float, the balance of body, mind, and soul can harmonize with the renewing energies. It is highly recommended to treat arthritis, regenerate, and regain vitality. It has an excellent effect on respiratory and locomotor disorders and these effects can be intensified by fresh olive oil treatments. Sea salt crystals positively influence the organism, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, facilitate fat burning and relaxation, ease stress. It renews and makes the skin velvety and tight.

The environment has an excellent effect on the organism. As a matter of fact, the visitor experiences relaxation taking place in natural surroundings. You acquire a new kind of body feeling.

To sum it up: Makrygialos is proud of its legendary fame: „the village where it is so good to live and have a holiday!".

Why Makrigialos? „Because only experience creates tradition!"

  • because it is a nice bustling place but not crowded
  • because its diverse and natural surroundings are interesting
  • because you can visit thousand-year-old historical monuments
  • because it provides several entertainment facilities
  • because the interesting Greek regional traditions are still alive
  • because the locals are friendly, you can form lifelong friendships
  • because there are long sandy beaches free of charge, gradually deepening and uncrowded
  • because there are several sports facilities
  • because you can find the largest mussel farm similar to sea jewels, the mussel chains are like pearls on a string embellishing the surface of the sea
  • because you can try the fresh and delicious breaded mussels served with chips and tzatziki which match with a glass of resinated white wine. And of course the genuine gyros...
  • because you can enjoy the pulsating rhythms at this safe resort in the evenings
  • because everybody has to try it!