The coasts of Makrygialos offer indescribable variety for visitors.

The holiday resort has an authentic nature and sandy beaches; therefore we can expect genuine Greek atmosphere if we choose this friendly seaside settlement as a destination. The place has a four-seasonal tourism, so it can be an excellent choice on any day of the year.

To live through an experience it is not enough a nice landscape, the bright sky or the sea and beaches. The human nature is needed; his desire and want to become part of the experience! We do our best that visitors coming to the Greek holiday resort, called Makrygialos will be able to get to know the secrets, common memories, landscapes, traditions, past and present of the settlement. Wonders have to be discovered and through this discovery we can grasp the past and present values of the place and realize its collective spirit.

You can live through experiences, which will last for a life-time here in Makrygialos in Greece and the Andromeda Travel is here to help you and offers you its services.

We are grateful for the complimentary sentence, which has been said and registered into our guest-book by our Guests, saying that: "We arrive as a guest and leave as a friend." This saying has become our slogan as well.



Afrodite Beach

The Afrodite Beach with its charming attractiveness chain to herself not only the Greek but the tourists from abroad. The magic is in the versatility. Afrodite the beautiful goddess fell in love with the mortal Greek boy, the hunting Adonis because she hasn't seen such a wonderful man ever.

The cliff above the Afrodite Beach where at the edge there is a lonely tree, meeting place of the lovers. Why? Watch the sunset or the sunrise, it sparkles orange.

The mood of the longest seaside walkway of the holiday resort not only glitters at daytime but at night as well. You can sit in a small bar, you can listen the Greek szirtakit which moves your leg or you can choose from the delicious food.

Are you ready that your holiday makes like your thought it before? Your place is here, the founders and hosts of Andromeda Travel assume 100% guarantees on all the services they have organized. Have you started to reserve a room?

Agiannis Beach

From Makrygialos's main street, near the grand park, opens a long street which is approx. 3 kms long and the end of this under the yellowish cliff there is the almost untouched sandy beach.

The history is connected to the Agiannis chapel which stands in the middle. This is a real old Greek chapel where the equipment has also not changed for decades. It worth to glance the beautiful bell's elaboration. The local fishermen likes to run out to the sea from there with their arks because it's almost sure that they come back with prey. The warm bay subserve to the sea scallop crop. There are the largest sea shell schools near which supply with excellent black shells the gourmets. Have you started to reserve a room?

Gold Beach

Makrygialos worthily to its name has lots of beaches because it means long shore. The Gold Beach going along the coastal path all the way at the end of the bay lies at the opening of the sea, its fine sandy coastline attracts those who want to beach.

The coastline is shallow, in the edge you can roll well in the stroking soft sand. It's the paradise of the families with smalls children. You can see the whole bay's view by which wonderful sight unfolds before our eyes from Golden Beach. Have you started to reserve a room?

Pirgos Beach

Going along the coastal path we arrive to one of the broadest sandy beach, to Pirgos Beach, where there is the White Tower's miniature replica of Thessaloniki city's characteristic symbol amongst the shade trees.

Once upon a time thousand of centuries ago a famous thermal bath worked there, precious stone treasures remains testify of the past. It's interesting that with the warm currents colourful fishes are used to swim in the shallow water, gathered in a small selection they playfully slip near the bathers' feet.

Pydna Beach

Going along the coastal path we arrive to the Bora Bora Beach became famous of its name which is located under the ancient city's, Pydna's cliff.

In the daytime you can enjoy relaxed the beach's vibrant life where the Greeks are also go with the guests. You can have fun in the bar at night. Even, when the dawn comes even sounds of the sea also play music in your ear. Have you started to reserve a room?

Robinson Beach

Going along the coastal path we arrive to the more granular sandy beachside. Behind this there is the mysterious rock bay where stars are also turn and film video clips.

It's legend attach to an adventurous Greek who got tired of wandering in the world and returned to his country and settled down here. He grabbed by the wild and civilization either did not avoid this beautiful shore and though the legend is alive, the shore is now offers one of the major beach experience.

Laid down in the seafront the second largest city in Greece unfolds before our eyes, Thessaloniki, which has a majestic view from the far as well. Beside the sandy beach there is also pebbly beach. Have you started to reserve a room?

Star Beach

Soft silky sandy beach where sun umbrellas and sunbeds make it more convenient for holiday. Stretch out on the sun lounger and enjoy as infuse your body the rest of all the delight. The sea is so shallow waters perfect for a beach holiday. Star Beach is very popular for families with children also because the environment is quiet.


Near Makrygialos you can come across a real touristic curiosity.

Sea wellness sand bath in the nearly untouched surroundings the immune system strengthens, the nerve system calms down.

It begins in the pools of seawater rich in salt.

The black color of sea mud affects positively cell functions. Following the relaxing float, the balance of body, mind, and soul can harmonize with the renewing energies.

While your skin is drying, the ingredients of the sea mud make your skin tighten. Body scrub with fruit sea salt crystal stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. The summer skin-renewing vitamin treatment makes the skin fresh and velvety. The environment has an excellent effect on the organism.

It is highly recommended to treat arthritis, regenerate, and regain vitality. It has an excellent effect on respiratory and locomotor disorders and these effects can be intensified by fresh olive oil treatments. Sea salt crystals positively influence the organism, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, facilitate fat burning and relaxation, and ease stress. As a matter of fact, the visitor experiences relaxation taking place in natural surroundings. You acquire a new kind of body feeling.