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"Memory belongs to the one who experienced it."


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Smith family

We coming like Guest, and we leave like Friend. Excellent place for holiday! As soon we coming back.

Agnes and Thomas and family

Dear Dias,
Thank you for everything, the place, the services, the catering and information were all correct. We will return one day.

Barbara and her friends

On the first day we saw a dolphin at Makrygialos. This opening provided an unbeatable experience right at the beginning of the week. Makrygialos is a small but cosy and pleasant village, where we spent some beautiful summer days, whch will always be near to our heart. Mudpack seasoned with Jannis’ stories was a great experience and refreshment. There are lots of things to see around here, we had a wonderful view of the sea from our room and Greek cuisine is just delicious. We are thankful to you.

Paula and Alexander

We have had a wonderful time at Makrygialos, this little village has enchanted us. It is the first time we have been to Greece but we have had so many experiences that we must return one day. The most beautiful experience was that our engagement took place in a secret and magnificent spot. It was perfect! We hope to see you again. Thank you very much!

Charles and his family

Dear Eve and Giannis,
Thank you for the these wonderful days – for the eitghth time! It is needless to say that we „come home” every time and we hope that it is not the last time – though we are running out of time. But we are trying to hand down this habit of ours to our children. We wish you much patience and good health for your work.
Our thoughts are always with you.

Family Lubos

Dear Hosts, Eve and Giannis,
It is the first time we have been to Greece, it is love at first sight. Thank you for being able to stay with you at Makrygialos.

George and his family

Thank you for your kind hospitability. We spent our holiday in beautiful surroundings pleasantly (and fast). Special thanks to Eve and her husband for their kind attention.

Susan and Daniel

We enjoyed ourselves at Makrygialos, which enchanted us with its atmosphere and charm. Thank you for the experience, the kindness and the immense peace. We hope to return to this wonderful place.

The Brauns

Dear Eve and Giannis,
It is the first time that we have stayed with you and we are totally satisfied with our holiday. We liked Makrygialos very much. We wish you much success in the future.

Eve, Gabriel, Peter, Victoria

We were given a warm welcome, Eve and Giannis. We have had a great time. Makrygialos will remain dear to our heart. Accommodation is excellent. We liked the local people’s mentality. It has been quite an experience.

Diana and Francis

Dear Eve and Giannis,
We spent a wonderful week here at Hotel Dias Apartment. Greece is magnificent though time flies here, as well, and we are sorry to leave now. There is still much to see, so hopefully, next time, we can make up for what we have missed… You gave us a lot of useful information. Thanks a lot!

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