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Dear Guest, Hotel Dias Apartment is familiar hotelapartment style. Our family is dynasty of the tourism industry more than 30 years.

Hotel Dias Apartment born from the dream of our family and created from our heart one of the best Greek holiday hotel.
Welcome in Makrygialos at the Hotel Dias Apartment in Greece, well-known for its hospitality.

Our guests have always thought that the secret of the popularity of our hotel is the familiar milieu associated with a lovely and elegant atmosphere. Our family, who has created it, does not know the word ’impossible’ and awaits you with a perpetually renewing curiosity.

We have managed to go back to the roots, the common points where the founders’ story is interconnected with the present and from which we draw inspiration and encouragement for our future.

„Nothing can move if you don’t get it moving.”

Choose your date of the holiday and inspires your dream to be here in Hotel Dias Apartment in Makrygialos on Greece.

Hotel Dias Apartment just is walking distance from the sandy beach in Greece approx 125 m. Spend your desert holiday in the Greek Riviera where you will see that the owners are the art of hospitality. You can walk to the beach with swim dress!

WiFi connection use free.

Welcome here in Hotel Dias Apartment.

The Amphitryons



„A man without a past is a man without a future.”

The Hotel Dias Apartment in Makrygialos has become a notion over the decades.
It does not only play an important role in the foreign but also in the home tourism.
The hotel can receive guests all round the year since the rooms can be air-conditioned and heated, as well. >>>

The Present


„The past ends where you enter the moment."

 One can be successful at the hospitability industry only if one likes what one is doing. According to our philosophy, work fills a greater part of the lifetime and you can be satisfied with it if you know what you are doing is great. >>>


The Future


„Nothing can move if you don’t get it moving.”

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Our everlasting optimism, our unbroken trust in a better future stimulate us to think of new ideas and bring back old traditions and customs. >>>


MAKRYGIALOS – another dimension – where body and soul are refreshed

Life has some particularly nice moments. Imagine having breakfast on a terrace and perceiving the top of Olympos in the distance. After breakfast you go to the shore that is shining like silver.

Makrygialos enchants the visitors with its individual atmosphere and its incomparable Greek lifestyle, which has an excellent effect on the guests. Those who have visited this place with its rare atmoshpere are all familiar with it since they have experienced it and long to come back.

At Makrygialos there is something special therefore holidaymakers love to return and bring their friends, family and acquaintances with them. If the place changed, it would lose its identity.

The rippling and sparkling sea or the merely caressing sunshine glittering in thousands of colours, the marvellous natural and cultural beauties and the culinary delights… yes, this is Makrygialos, one of the pearls of the popular Greek Olympos Riviera. It is located in the north of Greece, 40 kilometers south of Thessaloniki, on the coast of the Aegan Sea.

Makrygialos is a curiosity on the imaginary stage of travelling...more >>


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